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Gianfranco Rosi a Sodankylä Midnight Sun Film Festival



Gianfranco Rosi a Sodankylä Midnight Sun Film Festival

Italian films in programme:


Gianfranco Rosi: Fuocoammare (Fire at Sea, 2016, i/e 1.48)
THU 16.6.2016 17:30

Sacro Gra (2013, i/e 1.35)
FRI 17.6.2016 12:30


Pietro Marcello: Bella e perduta (Lost and Beautiful, 2015, i/e 1.27)
WED 15.6.2016 18:15
SAT 18.6.2016 20:45


Nanni Moretti: Mia Madre (My Mother, 2015, i/e 1.45)
SAT 18.6.2016 20:30
SUN 19.6.2016 17:15


Gianfranco Rosi Guest in Sodankylä

When talking about the current development of Italian film after its’ toppling in the past years, too often the discussion circles around fiction. Garrone, Sorrentino and Rohrwacher and not forgetting the older stagers Bellocchio and Moretti have earned their limelight no question, but it is saddening to see how the blossoming of Italian documentary film is completely ignored. The documentary filmmakers who push for the hybrid concept of this art form (Frammartino, Marcello and Minervi) or those who work at the interface of short films and gallery pieces (Ancarani), are exactly the people with the best ability to shed light and reflect for the contemporary viewer what is happening in the world surrounding us. In this group the most relevant name is GIANFRANCO ROSI. His characterful, visual and unhurried approach embodies the great assertiveness of a documentary film maker. He doesn’t shy away from the political or inconvenient topics, though his best traits are his humanistic interest towards ordinary people and exceptionally warm sense of humour.

Rosi’s childhood was nuanced and international, he was born 1964 in Asmara, Eritrea, around the time of the Eritrean War of Independence, and from which he was able to flee as a thirteen year old, without his parents. After spending his youth in Rome and Istanbul, Rosi now in his twenties, moved to New York to study film in the prestigious Tish School of the Arts. As his final work in the University he did his debut short film Boatman that was noted right away in international film festivals, kicking off from Sundance onwards.

It is easy to localise the beginning of Rosi’s humanistic narrative and montage already in his first feature film Below Sea Level, that portrays the life of a community living below sealevel in a deserted military base. To understand Rosi’s work and later master pieces the debut film includes important themes; the people struggling to live in the state of emergency and the geography that connects people together.

As a first documentary film to win the Golden Lion prize in the Venice Film festival, Sacro GRA brings together a mixed group gathered from along the ring-road highway circling Rome. The characters are only loosely connected through the montage of the documentary film maker and his ability to see the down-and-outs as part of the bigger picture. The filming of the piece took few years which in itself reflect Rosi’s work process, where the story and the film are created through searching and journey making.

Rosi’s latest film Fuocoammare (Fire at Sea) brought the house down at this year’s Berlinale film festival, as it rose straight on the top as one of the favourites to win the Golden Bear.

Often the mass hysteria during the film festival week just causes ungrounded hype but this wasn’t the case with Fuocoammare. Compared to Fuocoammare’s vitality many international level directors turn out to be merely dabblers. This film is full of heart, message, joy, sorrow, past and present. After winning the accolades in Venice and Berlin, it is without a doubt that Rosi’s next film would get the top prize also in Cannes if the heads of this particular institution and Palme d’Or category would understand the importance of documentary film as part of the cinema.

Otto Kylmälä


Data: Da Mer 15 Giu 2016 a Sab 18 Giu 2016

Organizzato da : Sodankylä Midnight Sun Film Festival

In collaborazione con : Italian Cultural Institute

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