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Claudia Tosi: The Perfect Circle



Claudia Tosi: The Perfect Circle

DocPoint 25-31.1.2016


Claudia Tosi: The Perfect Circle

Thu 28.01.2016 18:45  Kinopalatsi 7 

Earth to earth, water to water. The body weight of a newborn child is up to 85 percent water, but in adulthood, the ratio can be cut into half. In a way, people dry up as they grow older.

In Claudia Tosi’s documentary, people drink water, watch the rain and wait for their death. The Perfect Circle depicts a man and a woman, Ivano and Meris, who spend their final days at a hospice in the hills of Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy. Their illnesses are in the terminal stage and they know that death is only a matter of time. But the ever-nearing end may fleetingly be forgotten, like when they close their eyes and get lost in the music – until the bodies being carried out next door once again remind them of the inevitable. Death also becomes a part of life for the patients’ loved ones, who want to spend the last available moments with the soon to be departed.

The narration treats the protagonists respectfully, advancing steadily like the wall clock ticking in the background or the falling raindrops. The dignified approach is only disturbed by the patients’ own attempts at morbid humour.

Marko Ylitalo / Translation: Liina Härkönen

Language: Italian

Subtitles: English

Director: Claudia Tosi

Country: Italy, Slovenia, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Year: 2015

Length: 75­ min

Age limit: K16

Format: DCP

Cinematography: Brand Ferro

Editing: Marco Duretti

Audio: Vladimir Rakic, Marco Torrisi

Music: Vladimir Rakic, Daniele Rossi

Production: Claudia Tosi/Movimenta



Tickets 8.00 €


Data: Gio 28 Gen 2016

Ingresso : Libero