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Tero-Pekka Henell - Composer concert



Tero-Pekka Henell - Composer concert

With Cristina Cavalli

Tero-Pekka Henell


Sunday 15.11. at 19

New Pavillion (Uusi Paviljonki)

Läntinen koulupolku 3, 02700 Kauniainen





Two songs with nostalgic opus numbers:

Virtahevonen (The Hippo) (Eeva-Liisa Manner), opus 3 (1976)


Runollinen fasaani (A Poetic Pheasant) (Kaarina Helakisa), opus 6 (1978)

World premiere performance


Niklas Spångberg, bass baritone; Roope Gröndahl, piano

A piece that was started at and starts on a Tennis court (The Jarkko Nieminen Arena in Turku):

Duo for Violin and Piano, opus 51 (2010)

Juha-Pekka Vikman, violin; Pasi Helin, piano


At the same age Sibelius composed his Kullervo Symphony and Brahms his German Requiem. I got the idea on the ferry to the Suomenlinna Fortress:

Helsinki - The Daughter of the Baltic (TPH) Concert Waltz, opus 18 (1983)

Chamber Choir Sympaatti, conducted by TPH




From a cruise from the City of Savonlinna to the great lake of Saimaa – a desert thought:

Autio (Desert) for Baritone Saxophone, Violin and Piano, opus 63 (2013 - 2014)

The Mediterranean Trio:

Miltiades Papastamou (Greece), violin

Yiannis Miralis (Cyprus), baritone saxophone

Michael Tsalka (Israel/The Netherlands), piano

First time in Finland                         


National sounds:

Two Songs from the Cycle ”Kanervala” (Aleksis Kivi), opus 66 (1981/2014 – 2015)

3. Metsämiehen laulu (The Woodman’s Song)

2. Ikävyys (Melancholy)

Niklas Spångberg, bassobaritoni; Roope Gröndahl, piano

World First Performance


From Rome to Kauniainen, You C:

Sonata for Piano and Dancers, opus 59 (2012)

Cristina Cavalli (Italy), piano

”Play the Tune!”

Choreography: Emrecan Tanis (Finnish National Ballet)


Emrecan Tanis, Hasan Topcuoglu, Erika Vilander (from the National Ballet),

World First Performance


Data: Dom 15 Nov 2015

Ingresso : Libero