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The 11 November 1918



The 11 November 1918

Shared Commemoration Project

International short/animated films on the First World War

The project:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014, the French Institute in Finland, the Goethe-Institute, the Embassy of Belgium, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Embassy of Austria, the Embassy of Slovak Republic, the Embassy of Hungary and the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria are organising a screening dedicated to the Youth of the European countries to strengthen the importance of building a shared Commemoration towards a sacrificed worldwide generation.

It will consist in the screening of short-animated films dealing with the First World War and the reading of soldiers’ letters or of their relatives in the native languages of their authors.


Behind the concept of the Shared commemoration project:

The 11th of November 1918 left its mark on the World and resounds of the silence of millions of voices definitively died out. Fort the first time in our history, this War was a Total War. No one was preserved from the death, the suffering, the sorrow. On the 11th November 2014 we are commemorating the centenary of the beginning of the First World War and on the initiative of the French Institute, eight European countries have decided to join their voices to honour the ones who have been deprived of their lives, their hopes, their youth and their futures, that is to say soldiers of course, of all nationalities, but also their families.

The aim of the commemoration of the First World War is to involve the Youth who is usually not the first target of those ceremonies and thus to raise awareness among pupils. We will not commemorate victory or defeat; we will commemorate a sacrificed worldwide generation. Hence, focusing on the Youth of the European countries will strengthen the importance of building a shared Commemoration and will develop a conscience of an essential responsibility to preserve Peace.



Data: Mar 11 Nov 2014

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