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iic_helsinki RANDOMICON


11/04/2014 RANDOMICON

AAVE Festival





Audiovisual performance

Fri 11.4.2014, Pieni sali 20.30

Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki



According to human imagination is partly just a phony simulation of reality. It don´t leave the room for irrationality faced with data that appear faithful to the matter surrounding us., in its constant audio and video research, aims to alter the shaped structure, reducing it to a grid of visions, in an elaborate 3D. A schematic representation of the static mold, repeatedly kneaded by external frequencies, turn it into a fluid and chaotic substance. The result converges in formless and loud synesthesia of deconstructed geometric forms. is an Italian electronic musicians duo formed by Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono, from the area of Mount Vesuvius in Naples. The duo has worked together since the early 1990’s, exploring the capabilities of analog synths and developed their own idea of sound. The undifferentiated manipulation of sounds extracted from modular and digital synths or the recorded sounds of objects and environment, leads this original duo to a continuous search of a sonic identity.



Audiovisual performances, screenings of films and video art, exhibitions and much more! The fifth alternative audiovisual arts festival AAVE (Finnish for ghost) appears again in event venues around Helsinki during the second week of April. Free entry!

Photo by Miguel Angel Ruiz Alcaraz


Data: Ven 11 Apr 2014

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