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EUNIC Finland supports Olohuonenäyttely - Living Room Exhibition March 21st-22nd, 2014

Olohuonenäyttely - Living Room Exhibition is an independent and portable exhibition format, which exhibits artworks of young European artists for two days in different private rooms of Helsinki. All kinds of contemporary art will be combined in a unconventional way and customized as a festival to the public. With detaching art from it’s usual museum context, coyness and the partly elitist character of it’s presentation is reduced. Olohuonenäyttely brings art to closer to the people, to their everyday life. The exhibition will be shown in living rooms, cellars, fridges, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and all kind of store rooms to create an individual and challenging exhibition space.

Background for this project is, that it is very hard to find a gallery or any kind of exhibition space in Helsinki, especially for young artists. To exhibit you mostly have to pay. Art students and free artists have often no regular income, therefore it is impossible for a lot of people to show their work. Most of the times they decide not to exhibit and hope to win a competition. With Olohuonenäyttely they can exhibit in Helsinki’s living-rooms!

Artists from France, Germany, UK, Russia, Sweden, Estonia and of course Finland are invited.



Data: da Ven 21 Mar 2014 a Sab 22 Mar 2014

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