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Marco Cappelli - Arts Without Borders



Marco Cappelli - Arts Without Borders

Go: Organic Orchestra project at the Arts Without Borders conference Oct 19-22 2016


The Arts Without Borders conference hosts a unique cross-departmental improvisation orchestra led by Adam Rudolph with special guest Marco Cappelli (guitar).

Go: Organic Orchestra brings together students and staff at the University of the Arts Helsinki to make music together, break through borders and create a performance improvisationally conducted by the internationally renowned composer-percussionist behind the concept.

Go: Organic Orchestra is a 21st century vision of a kind of future orchestra: it is an original orchestral concept of world music improvisation started by Adam Rudolph in 2001, best known for his long time collaboration with saxophonist, flutist Yuseef Lateef. Since then he has taught and improvisationally conducted hundreds of musicians in both Europe and the United States. The music is composed as thematic material that provides a spontaneous orchestral context and inspiration for improvisational dialogue. The multicultural dynamic of Go: Organic Orchestra expresses a creative vision of a world without boundaries: of culture as the vessel for human understanding, empathy and sharing. Any and all music backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome.

The Go: Organic Orchestra project culminates in a performance as part of the Arts Without Borders conference (Friday Oct 21). The schedule and registration for the four-day conference can be found here: http://www.uniarts.fi/arts-without-borders

more information: katja.thomson@uniarts.fi


Ajankohta: Alkaa ke 19 loka 2016 Päättyy la 22 loka 2016

Järjestäjä : Sibelius Academy

Yhteistyössä : Italian Cultural Institute

Sisäänpääsy : Vapaa

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University of the Arts Helsinki