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Beyond Water



Beyond Water

beta SPACE will turn into a site-specific installation Beyond Water by photography artist Erika de Martino. The artist made series of photographs printed on transparent supports, that create a dialogue with the space.

Conceptually, this installation embraces one intrinsic value of Alvar Aalto's architecture: the bond with nature. Water is not visible from the windows, but the shoreline of Laajalahti is very close by. Reconnecting the site to water acts as a reminder of this essential and precious resource, such a strong element in Finnish landscape identity. Identity and resource even more important at present, within the frame of the recent threatening privatization laws.

Architecturally, the lightness of the installation counterbalances the solid presence of the marble, complying with the alternating existing opposites massive/airy, shadow/light of Aalto's space. It is a ”slow” connecting space: the openings towards the inner green courtyard determine a slower rhythm of the walking pace, inviting to stop and look outside. Natural light can filter through the transparent prints detached from both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Hence, new visual planes are created in the architecture's parti, allowing dynamic ovelapped visions within the existing rhythm.


Opening night in beta SPACE on October 5th


Ajankohta: Alkaa ke 5 loka 2016 Päättyy to 27 loka 2016

Sisäänpääsy : Vapaa


Beta Space Otakaari 1 X, Espoo