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Ebony Piano Duo Maria Ala-Hannula & Leonardo Zunica



Ebony Piano Duo Maria Ala-Hannula & Leonardo Zunica

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Ebony Piano Duo Maria Ala-Hannula & Leonardo Zunica




Bach/Kurtag -  Corali

Schönberg/Rossini - Ouverture dal Barbiere di Siviglia (Sevillan parturin alkusoitto)

L. Manfrin - B(l)ack light…down inside the memory (kantaesitys)

E. Hämeenniemi - Elastic Time (Suomen kantaesitys)

G. Gershwin - Cuban Ouverture

The program for the concert in honor of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2016 represents composers, whose works are connected in different ways to the totalitarianisms of the 20th century. 

The Reichsmusikkammer (Reich Music Chamber or State Music Institute) was founded in 1933 by the Nazi government to promote “good German music” seen as consistent with Nazi ideals and esthetics. On the other side there was Degenerate music (Entartete Musik).

The works of Arnold Schönberg were banned by the Nazi government and labelled as degenerate music, not only because he was Jewish but also for the fact that his music didn’t fulfill the esthetics set by the Nazi regime. Schönberg was forced to emigrate to the United States in 1934 and later composed A Survivor from Warsaw op.46, as a tribute to the Holocaust victims of the German Third Reich. 

The music of George Gershwin was banned in Germany for its afroamerican and jazz elements, which the Nazi Regime entitled Negermusik. Gershwin was also Jewish, like many important composers of his time in the American music scenery.

The program presents three Premieres:

Elastic Time by the Finnish composer Eero Hämeenniemi will have its Finnish Premiere in this concert. The work was inspired from the idea of the flowing of time and the indissoluble play between time and memory.

Luigi Manfrin’s composition Black light…down inside the memory is inspired by the idea of an internal journey in the memory.

The Chorals by Bach, arranged for piano 4 hands by György Kurtag - also Jewish. let the music speak for itself.


Ajankohta: ke 27 tammi 2016

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